Blowing off the dust

After taking a year+ off of any major blogging, I’m giving it another try. I pulled back after taking a new job in the television industry and not being entirely sure how that world worked between public and personal work. I’d been doing some longer form writing on Facebook where I could protect it a bit better, but I miss the blogs. Too much nerd in the bloodstream, I suppose.

But I always have odd bits to say, so I’m making the rounds of my different sites and getting them current a little at a time. I figured I’d start with this one since it was my personal site and the one I miss the most. I loathe just making a generic post like this, but I spent too much time trying to figure out something exciting and that’s usually the worst possible way to get something moving. Sometimes you just have to take a step forward and trust your next foot will find a place to land.